Bursa is accepted as the fourth crowded city in Turkey with its population that is recorded as 2.787.539 in the year of 2014. Located on the Marmara region, it is close to the other cities like Yalova, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bilecik and Istanbul.

If you are interested in buying a home in Bursa or investing your money in a property that is located on this city, it is necessary for you to get some information about Bursa. This is quite beneficial since starting a investment plan without almost no information can stir up some troubles in the future. Bursa city matters with its natural and historical richness in fact. Bursa harbours many historical features from the Ottoman era since the city used to be the capital of the Ottoman Empire. As one of the biggest industrial cities in Turkey, Bursa realizes the second biggest export right after Istanbul.

When we talk about the history of Bursa, the city goes back to 5000 years from today. The founder of Bursa, known as Bitynia during the era of Romans, is known to be I. Prusias. When the king of Carthage has lost the war that was made with the Roman Empire, he takes shelter in the area that is under the tutelage of Prusias. So as to return to this favor, he builts a city with the soldiers and he names the city “Prusias”. There are many documents founded that belong to the period of Bithynia.

The hamams, the sculptures and many more objects that have been found afterwards belong to the period of the Roman Empire and Byzantine. Today’s wealthiest funerary steles and various parts of the architectural works and ceramics are exhibited at the Archeological Museum of Bursa. The museum consists of many monuments of all the historical periods until 1453.

When we look through the Ottoman era, there are some sultans that contributed to the history and the culture of the city. As a sultan that pays attention to town planning, Orhan Gazi raised many historical monuments such as İznik Green Mosque, Bilecik Orhan Mosque, Bursa Orhan Mosque and many more. The famous mosque that is the Ulu Mosque in Bursa was built during the period of Yildirim Bayezid.

In 2000, Bursa has been counted in the temporary list of World Heritage and this has been enrolled in 2014 as a world heritage. Bursa is a city that one can enjoy its rich history filled with mosques, islamic monasteries, castles, city walls, small mosques, tombs, churchs, khans, bridges, baths.