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Wandering around in an airy kimono without even needing to open up your suitcase, forgetting about how time flows by while you enjoy dozens of various water therapies, and rediscovering yourself with a healthy menu, expert therapists, and personalized treatment programs… The 5-star Richmond Nua, Turkey’s first and only ”Destination Spa”, at Sapanca where the views of the forest and the sea meet, brings together health through water with a richness an abundance that pushes the limits of the five senses. Richmond Nua, with a total of 131 rooms including 20 suites, a SPA area of 2700 square meters, and constantly renewed personalized programs, continues to improve the concept of ”Destination Spa” in Turkey. Nua’s sauna and steam rooms, all with different functions and temperatures ranging from 30°C to 100°C, offer special purification and renewal sessions for those wishing to make their spa experience unforgettable. Nua, with its Beautyfood Menu prepared with all natural produce, its Detox Days that soon became a tradition, and its innovative programs such as the Hypoxi Marathon that offers slimming down up to 1 dress size in just 4 days, integrates health through water.